10 reasons why every toker SHOULDN’T grow their own weed

  1. Who would the real growers sell to?
  2. Just imagine the environmental pollution: in some parts of most cities, every other house would be blazing away with a 400 watt HPS in the spare bedroom, you wouldn’t sleep at night for the noise of inline fans whirling, and nobody would need to smoke any more, they’d just get high from the extractor exhaust fumes in the street. (nope hang on, that happens already!)
  3. Some tokers can’t get it together enough to manage their cash til payday. How are they going to afford equipment? Its all very well asking a dealer to “lay it on til Friday”, grow shops will be indundated with “can you let me have 2000$ of stuff til crop day?”
  4. (and as a moderator on a forum I KNOW this is fact): many of you are too impatient to grow properly. You’ll all be cutting down your plants 2 weeks into flower cos you’ve run out of smoke.
  5. While we’re on the subject, have some sympathy for the poor moderators of forums. Its bad enough as it is: “My plant is dying HELP” …. “1. what is your set up?, 2. Please post a photo. 3. OVERWATERING.” Remember we work for free ..
  6. 18% of workers would be taking sick days because their plants are looking poorly. “Hmmm .. she’s looking droopy, perhaps I should water her some more …” … 22% of the population will be admiring their buds, TV viewing figures fall by 68%.
  7. GOD the boredom in the pub as everyone bangs on about how fantastic their set up is, and how perfect their buds are …
  8. .. which would lead to everyone getting busted within their first grow…
  9. and those that aren’t deciding that therefore they are experts and moving into cutting edge seed breeding. Suddenly the atmosphere would be filled with male pollen and that would soon be the end of sensimilla.
  10. Think about it for a minute. Isn’t your job, your life, too important to you to risk it all for the sake of making a stand? After all, you’ll probably grow out of smoking by the time you’re middle-aged / in your retirement / dead …. in the meantime, let some other schmuck take the risk for you.









This is written in response to “10 reasons why every smoker should make growing their own their New Years resolution” which can be read here

 disclaimer: the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the blog .. or indeed of the author himself

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