Advice on an indoor grow room ..

Hey Max whats up !
well where to start  ill take it point by point for you

. 1- “To explain: My little room (7′ x 6′.5″) has both a gas hot water heater and small gas boiler, ”

you want to thank the ganga gods you didnt chose a hps system your temps would have been through the roof
the ideal temp for ganja is between 21ºc to 23ºc however I have done many grows over the years where my temps have run around 27ºc and had some good results. Normally one of the first things I would have said is ensure you don’t grow in the same area as a water heater however I think with the leds putting out so little heat you may be ok.
Just ensure you have at least 3ºc difference between day and night temps when flowering

” I have two six inch pipes going up through the ceiling outside to my roof … One comes down into the room about 2 feet from the floor (cooler air falls into that one) and the other one stops at the ceiling of the room where hot air can escape to the roof outside. I have put a short 4″ extension on the ceiling vent,”

clever! nice one! you may still benefit from a extractor – have a look on amazon they are not expensive. As I said on the last post airflow gets rid of heat but also brings fresh co2 into the area the plants love it have a look at this link to work out what extractor you need for your space…… you will be looking to exchange your air about every 2-3 minutes.

“My RH is also abit low … 25-30 … so I occaisionally hang a wet towel which bumps it up to 40-50 quickly, but I’m not so concerned about this.”

you’ll find as the plants get bigger the rh will rise as the plants transpire yeah the towel idea works you may wanna keep it soaked with some diluted h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) to help any nasty bugs from forming or change the towel every day whatever is easiest for now

“So, when I had my lights too close, the leaves literally wrapped themselves around the stem as though to protect it! I have never seen anything like it! Good news though, I raised the light to nearly 75cm and can report that hey have now opened back up and seem to be liking it! Whew! I was afraid I might have blown $500!”

yeah the same happened to me

“Questions: How do I know if my calcium level is high? Just mix the espon salt in the water/food?”

Have a look at your kettle and taps are you getting cal build up?
if you had a ec pen you would be able to see how high the salt concentration is with your plain water but as you’re growing in soil you don’t really need one

and yes just add the epsom salts in with the water about every two weeks 1 teaspoon per gallon (4.5 L) or spray with a sprayer on the leaves at the same dilution rate

“I am using regular sterilized soil, some nutrients a friend gave me (1 teaspoon of some blue food per gallon). He used to grow and swears by it. I need to get a PH meter … have never tested it yet, but plants seem very healthy … wish I could post pics!”

mmmmmm  I cant say a lot really to this… what brand is it?
is it aimed at flower or veg ? as a rule of thumb when using nutrients with cannabis have a look at the NPK value for vegetative growth it should be around the ratio of 3:2:1 and for flower 1:2:3
Canna do an excellent feed called canna terra vega or flora depending on what cycle the plants are at google for local suppliers

PH IS VERY IMPORTANT in fact one of the biggest factors between some dank bud in terms of weight and quality so we should be looking at getting hold of a pen and some decent ph balanced compost when you repot again… have a look for some canna compost or something which is ph balanced at around 6 – 6.3
lol I feel im telling you to go out and buy a tonne of stuff but trust me it will be worth it when you sample the end results
I will get weed widow to send you a author log in details so you can start your own blog page and post some pics if you like. When she does this she can cut these comments to it to start you off.

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