Planning my Cheesy auto: A Layman’s Guide to Seed Breeding


If any of you have been following my forum posts on rollitup or,  you will know I have just finished growing Kaliman’s cheese no1  and have managed to gather approximately 300 seeds from crossing with an Ice Express auto.

Which is a really good number for a control group.

– I thought at this stage would be a good time to explain on how I’m going to produce my cheesey auto


There are two main traits I’m looking for at this stage

1.  The auto gene

2. the smell


Although the main aims are the auto gene and the smell I also want to breed in good yield and  potency.

However I have to bear in mind other characteristics and be sure I don’t encourage any unwanted regressive genes such as

  • vulnerabilities to pythium
  • hermaphroditic tendencies
  • poor growth
  • bud rot and on and on and on


No one said this was going to be easy!


so: the plan is through a series of line seed breeding I’m looking to stamp in the smell and the auto characteristic

However as you travel down the F2,F3,F4 stages to encourage the uniformity of these traits,  what happens is that with each progressive generation although the pacific characteristics is enforced, some overall vitality in the plant is lost


How do I tackle this problem of progressive weakness and put vitality back into my cannabis strain?

It is actually quite simple


I take my original 50-60 F1 Hybrids and find the auto gene in say 8 of these.

I’ve then chosen the plants which most show the characteristics I am looking for and then have line breed them to fix it.

At the same time we have followed the same course of action from a separate 50-60 seeds so I’ve actually ended up with two original and totally separate F5 crosses

Both crosses will have similar characteristic’s i.e.: we’ve stamped in the Auto and the incredible smell but because of the 5 generations which distance them,from the original parents, when crossed these two will actually be two different strains with very similar characteristics.

any crosses from these two will have a subsequent F1 vigour

and will also have a excellent uniformity.

It would be at this stage (if desired) that I would then feminize the strain and these seeds will be ready for sale on the F1 cross and will have the best possible uniformity and quality.


With autos in particular a trait I have noticed is that a lot of F4-F5 seeds result in a lack of vigour during the vegetative stage and thus  produce a smaller lower yielding plant

with the two separate F5 inter cross turning into a new F1 cross this problem will be nullified

I appreciate that I have simplified the whole process and tried to put it into laymen terms. To be honest there is a lot more subtlety when we are looking at the genetics, but I feel that a good well laid overall plan for creating a cannabis seed strain is the first step in the process.

Also I think I need to add that all of the above is only a schedule : if everything goes well

To be honest to a certain extent when trying to shape a plant you can be just rolling the dice and perhaps say at a F3 stage when doing stress tests looking for a hermaphroditic trait’s you may have pulled up that recessive gene which is commonly thought to be in every plant and have to back paddle a stage or two to keep this gene recessive.

This is why a series of stress tests are important at every single cross

Its all fun and games!

So for those who have trouble following my ramblings here’s a simple diagram to show crosses from the original photo period Cheese No1 with the Ice Express Auto and the two separate true breeding line created and then subsequently recrossed for that very important vitality trait at the F5 Stage:

cannabis seed breeding

[columns ] [column half] 

Reguar Cannabis Seeds

Kaliman Cheese no 1

[/column] [column half]
[/column] [/columns]

 And if you want to buy either of the parents of the new strain, click on the pictures above. Both seeds come well recommended!


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  1. David says:

    Who are the breeders that are as passionate as you to do the testing necessary to create consistently vigorous F1 seed strain crosses for us to buy, and what seed banks do they work for?

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