The definitive guide to vaping cannabis

guide to vaping cannabis

Everything you need to know about vaporizers .. Vaping hit the news headlines in 2014 when the Oxford Dictionary made it their word of the year. Use of e-cigarettes for nicotine and portable pen vaporizers for cannabis had sky-rocketed and it seemed like everyone was vaping something everywhere. For many of us used to joints […]

Everything you need to know about autoflowers: a grow guide

Autoflower grow guide: everything you need to know about autos   Autoflowering cannabis plants are pretty much the new kid on the block, only really making an appearance on the mj growing scene in the past few years. I’m aware that some of you may never have tried growing autoflowering marijuana, and thought it may […]

Why do people use CBD Oil?

why people use cbd oil

The phrase “CBD Oil” is causing a great deal of confusion .. there’s a big difference between the full extract cannabis oil extracted from cannabis plants with a high CBD:THC ratio and a CBD Oil derived from hemp plants. The internet is a wonderful thing: through it individuals around the world are connecting with others, and […]

Critical Plus – Dinafem

DInafem’s Critical Plus Critical Plus is one of the popular strains we are trying out. Currently we have a number of seeds from five different strains, and are looking for mother plants. Whichever is the best producer, easiest to grow etc will be chosen to go in the mother room. Each seedling was numbered, and […]

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It!

how to make cannabis massage oil

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe – & Why You Should Make It! A great massage will soothe away tension, relieve tired muscles and relax and restore body and spirit. Which is also how cannabis makes you feel. It comes as no surprise therefore that blending the two experiences magnifies the effect. One combination is to receive […]

Why getting climate right is key to a successful grow room: Temperature

correct climate cannabis

If you want to achieve awesome results growing cannabis indoors, getting climate right is crucial. Its probably the most overlooked part of running a grow room, but creating the correct climate for your cannabis plants will make the difference between a so-so grow and an impressive yield.   What do we mean by “climate”? The dictionary definition […]

What is cannabis oil?

what is cannabis oil

For many years we have been involved with clinical cannabis and the production of cannabis oil with friends who are suffering major illnesses. As the medical group of our local cannabis association expands, more people are coming to the open support meetings, some of whom are successfully treating themselves, others who are looking for information about […]

Moonrocks: what are they and are they really THAT good?

what are moonrocks

Everything you need to know about moonrocks. Discovering moonrocks is a little like your first sip of chilled champagne on a sunny day, or that exquisite taste of the first chocolate from a Brussel’s Chocolatier. There’s a great advert for a dispensary product which shows moonrocks as being marijuana’s latest – and implied, best – […]