10 reasons why every toker should make growing their own their New Year Resolution

  1. Its a great hobby. In fact, growing weed is more addictive than smoking it!
  2. Its easy. You plant a seed and watch it grow. A few months later you have great smoke. Actually there’s a bit more to it than this, but use our guide here to learn all the basics.
  3. Its cheap (er) .. until you get really into it and decide to invest in lots of equipment and do an all out hi-tech indoor grow with all the latest gizmos .. and if (when: like I said, growing weed is addictive) you do go down that route, make lots of lists of how x$ spent now will save y$ later and persuade the missus that its a great investment really …
  4. Its self-sufficient,  .. there’s certainly something to be said for the idea of producing something yourself that will give you so much, from seed to smoke. Modern life may not enable you to grow your own veg and I wouldn’t advise you to grow weed on an allotment, but you CAN grow your own smoke. You yourself and you.
  5. Its organic (well it can easily be) and natural: use the power of the sun to free the weed.
  6. Its high tech and complicated: harness hi-tech to produce the biggest juiciest buds.
  7. It cuts out the dodgy middleman. After all why give your hard earned dollars to someone you’d think twice about giving the price of a cup of coffee to just because your usual guy is “out” at the moment?
  8. Join the club. You’ll probably find that once you start growing you’ll meet others who do too. Swapping stories and strains soon becomes commonplace. But WORD OF WARNING be VERY VERY CAREFUL who you talk to … Loose mouths sink ships and all that.
  9. Its an act of de-criminalization. Think about it. If every smoker grew 3 plants for their own use, and every time a policeman busted them, they had to go through the same paperwork trail and costly court costs as they do for someone growing 50 or 200 plants, do you think they would bother? Time and time again? And again? Nope. Its called normalisation, there are many examples of local CPS in UK cities where they simply give cautions or dismiss these “small cases”: it just costs too much in time and manpower for too little a result. Let the police prosecute real criminals and leave the smoker alone. Stand up for what you believe in and grow it yourself.

    oh and did I say 10 reasons .. umm sorry I’m stoned and forgot the 10th one …


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11 thoughts on “10 reasons why every toker should make growing their own their New Year Resolution

  1. Cannabis for Autism says:

    10. Persuade non-cannabis users to grow one or two plants also!

    Particularly retired ones who own their own homes, just to give it an air of respectability and more historical and cultural credibility ;)

  2. eddiekirk says:

    Our goal is self sufficiency, and we would like to see each patient achieve that, We teach new Patients how to grow, Oregon has one of the best written MMJ laws.

    Thanks for this post

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